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Comment: I am a single mother of two...

militarymom60 started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Info: Foundation Grants, Charity..."

I am a single mother of two kids who now serve in the US military. I fought and worked hard for the last 7 yrs to give them the best comfortable life possible. My health has never been the best, but I kept going just from pure willpower. When my daughter left a few months ago for the Airforce, it seemed all the fight I had left me. I had to give up my second job because I could no longer handle it physically. I've fought with back problems for years, and took another fall in May. I keep getting the run around from my neorogist, finally sought out a orthapedic because I had no strength in my legs. I found out my knees needed surgery. I thought I could get the surgery with no problems, but they wanted money up front. I am tapped out with no where to turn too. My resourse are used up. Because my credit has been slow, I can't get help except from the payday loans etc, and that has hurt me even worse. I just need someone to trust in me, give me a chance to get back on my feet so I can give back like I use too. I'm at risk of getting evicted, I need 20k to pay off my debits and have my surgeries and I can live a normal life again. Can anyone tell me what I can do. I'm alone with no family support and scared to death of ever trusting anyone. I dont' have much equity in anything, cept a box of coins I inherited, that could be worth allot or little of nothing, but I am to afraid to find out. Guess you could say my trust in people is gone because I have been hurt so much by people I tried to help.
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